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Finding Gratitude through Bhakti

When we are thankful, we are filled with joy, and life’s impermanence seems less a burden then a door into our own fragility and grace.


Above is the image of the Hindu goddess Kali who represents rebirth and destruction. In these dark days of Trump, I am finding solace in the concept that what brings destruction always opens the door for re-birth (or re-building society) and in the hope that our next generation will create a more equal system for all.

I started this blog as a way of trying to educate the few who stumble upon it on the negative and positive aspects of different forms of yoga because I feel like there is this tendency within the yoga community to be a bit one-sided but obviously to see the negative and positive aspects allows one to make a more informed decision about their own personal practice. However, despite my own cynical tendencies I’ve found incredible joy and dare I see liberation from anxiety in practicing a form of yoga revolving around chanting and love called Bhakti.

I suppose we all have our own issues that are corrected by their polar opposite: one who is tight may benefit most from Restorative Yoga, one who is too low-energy may prefer Vinyasa and for a cynic like me Bhakti has been the most valuable form of yoga I have practiced in terms of elevating my outlook and allowing me to find the strength to consistently stay positive even in dark times.

I hope you find just as much joy or even more in your personal practice.

All good things,



“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.”

Desmond Tutu